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We focus on your Pennsylvania insurance needs.

Heritage Insurance Services clients appreciate that they can contact us about anything, and they will always receive the individual attention they deserve. They know that we’re happy to push the conversation beyond the boundaries of their Pennsylvania insurance policy. In fact, we welcome questions like:

“I just saw an ad for [X company], and they’re offering a great rate. Can you reduce my cost to match it?” (We will always do our best to match competitors’ offers.)

“I’m very happy with my Heritage business insurance policy. Can you also cover my personal insurance or musical instrument insurance needs?” (Yes!)

“Does my Heritage Insurance Services policy cover me for losses caused by [X]?” (Let’s take a look!)

Bring us a question, and we’ll bring you an answer. We have expert consultants in every Pennsylvania insurance area. Auto insurance, home insurance, personal insurance, music insurance…at Heritage Insurance Services, we’re all about solutions!

Heritage Auto Insurance Client
“I asked Heritage to review my home and auto insurance. They reviewed my needs and offered quotations with several of the areas top insurers, not just one insurance company. The result was a significant improvement to my insurance program and a premium reduction too. Thanks Heritage!” - Larry S.
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Professional Insurance coverage:

The Hartford
Ohio Casualty/Liberty Mutual
Safeco/Liberty Mutual
Philadelphia Contributionship
Zurich North America