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Whether you play, collect, own, sell or repair fine musical instruments, we have state of the art coverage to meet your needs worldwide.
Whether you play, collect, own, sell or repair musical instruments, we have the coverage for you.
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For over 50 years, Heritage Insurance Services, Inc has offered the best service on insurance throughout Pennsylvania, and since 1991 with our national musical instrument program.

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Since 1962, business owners and families alike have depended on Heritage Insurance Services, Inc., to meet their Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Business Insurance, and Personal Insurance needs.

We expanded on this tradition in 1991 developing a National Musical Instrument Program. Offering superior coverages to players, collectors, dealers, makers & repair shops of fine musical instruments. Visit our website at for detail information on our program.

We protect more than 5,000 individuals, families, and businesses in Trevose Pennsylvania & across the Delaware Valley - Bucks, Montgomery, & Philadelphia Counties, plus New Jersey and over 10,000 musical instrument clients. Now we'd like to protect you.

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We represent a carefully selected group of financially sound, highly reputable insurance companies. We'll choose the provider that best covers your a competitive price.

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