About HIS

Our Mission

We do not work for an insurance company. We work for you. That's a Heritage Insurance Services promise!

We are NOT tied to any particular carrier. At Heritage, our motivation is simple: to give you the best possible quote, for the best possible coverage, for your unique protection needs.

Because we represent a carefully selected group of financially sound, reputable insurance companies, we can place your policy with the provider that offers the best coverage for your needs... at a competitive price. Can your current insurance provider make this promise?

No favorite carriers. No hidden agendas. Just solid coverage and personal service.

Nobody is more loyal to their clients than Heritage Insurance Services. If you suffer a covered loss, we will work on your side, diligently following through to make sure you get a fair payment, promptly.

It really is that simple when you protect with Heritage Insurance Services!

Our Focus

We focus on your insurance needs.

Heritage Insurance Services clients appreciate that they can contact us about anything, and they will always receive the individual attention they deserve. They know that we're happy to push the conversation beyond the boundaries of their insurance policy. In fact, we welcome questions like:

"I just saw an ad for [X company], and they're offering a great rate. Can you reduce my cost to match it?" (We will always do our best to match competitors' offers.)

"I'm very happy with my Heritage business insurance policy. Can you also cover my personal insurance or musical instrument insurance needs?" (Yes!)

"Does my Heritage Insurance Services policy cover me for losses caused by [X]?" (Let's take a look!)

Bring us a question, and we'll bring you an answer. We have expert consultants in every Pennsylvania insurance area. Auto insurance, home insurance, personal insurance, music insurance...at Heritage Insurance Services, we're all about solutions!

Our Priorities

Our 3 top priorities remain the same for every Heritage Insurance Services client: To reduce your insurance cost. To close gaps in your coverage. To increase your peace of mind.

Our expertise is based on a well-trained, experienced professional staff and a caring, conscientious attitude. Our insurance experts will thoroughly analyze your coverage requirements from the viewpoints of risk management and cost reduction. Then we will personally discuss our cost comparisons and recommendations with you...at no obligation.

If "Mom & Pop shop" sounds like a good thing to you, you're our kind of customer.

Especially when that same shop brings you the best of both worlds: the professional coverage that big agencies provide, AND the personal service of smaller agencies.

A few of the advantages you'll enjoy with Heritage and our small-agency service approach:

  • Never talk to strangers! When you call Heritage to discuss your current coverage or other options, you will almost always talk to the same person - a Heritage agent who's already familiar with your policy and won't put you on hold to "review your records." Just try to find this kind of comfort with those big national providers!
  • Never feel like a number! You're never "just a policy" when you protect with Heritage. We'll give you the same top-shelf coverage as the big guys, but we're also small enough to make sure you always get the individual attention you deserve.
  • Always know we’re looking out for your best interests! When you protect with Heritage, you're not just buying insurance. You're gaining a partner who's 100% committed to earning your trust. That's the biggest "small-agency difference" of all!
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