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Heritage Insurance Services provides affordable Pennsylvania In-Home Business Insurance.

Home-based businesses, both big and small, have become one of the fastest growing business categories in America. Like most home-based business owners, your operations take you beyond the walls of your home office. At Heritage Insurance Services, we want to help you protect the security of your home-based business with proper coverage because the insurance that is required most likely goes beyond that of your standard homeowners insurance.

We know that you’ve invested hard work and numerous hours into building up your in-home business, and because of that, Heritage Insurance Services. wants to protect your investment as your operation grows. With the right Pennsylvania in-home business insurance, you can provide the special protection you need in one comprehensive insurance policy.

Heritage Insurance Services In-Home Business Insurance can cover:

  • Personal property used for business operations
  • Professional Liability
  • Loss or damage to business records and inventory
  • Loss of income due to a covered event

Depending on your business needs, your operation may also qualify for additional services to round out your In-Home Business Insurance, including combined coverage with your homeowners insurance.

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