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Heritage Insurance Services provides affordable Pennsylvania Personal Watercraft Insurance.

When those sunny summer days are near, the first thing on your mind is going out on the water. Whether you jet ski, water ski, cruise or just fish, we know it would be pretty difficult to live without it. At Heritage Insurance Services, we make sure that you enjoy your time on the water without thinking about your PA Watercraft Insurance.

Our watercraft insurance policies provide you with coverage against many different types of loss. Heritage Insurance Services offer medical coverage that can cover your eligible medical expenses if you get hurt when on the water, physical damage coverage designed to cover your boat, motor, and trailer, and liability coverage if you’re involved in an accident.

Our Team will assist you to determine the amount of watercraft insurance coverage and deductible for each of your personal watercrafts.

If you are a novice or lifelong boater, it’s always a good idea to examine your current PA watercraft insurance policy. Heritage Insurance Services can help! Simply fill out our quick quote form below so we can keep you safe and secure on the water today.

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